Blog love

Leading up to the opening of my new show I’ve been getting a lot of requests from blogs and magazines to come do stories. Here are the fruits of their labors.

My old friends at THEFOXISBLACK have just launched a new LA-centric blog called Los Angeles, I’m yours. They did me the honor of making me their first featured interview/article. Kyle asked great questions and I love the photos by Justin Sullivan. Maybe the best my beloved house has ever looked?

Arrested Motion came by more recently and took a great set of photos and a nice blurb.

Then, Jerenyriad posted a fine mash-up of both photo sets. Well done!

Long time supporters Juxtapoz stopped by the other day and posted some nice shots.

Also thanks to POPDRAWER, Peter Abraham, Ghostly Ferns and everyone else that has re-posted or otherwise spread the word about this show. I’m very excited and pleased, Can’t wait for Friday!

I’ll Be Your Mirror (NJ) – Curated by Portishead

“FORMER STATE” Teaser Video from THIS Los Angeles

Fake “Z-DOTS”

This is crazy. Someone made a fake version of my Nike x Marc Newson Zvezdochka’s. You can tell they’re fake because the dots have a solid edge rather than the fluffy edges of the real thing.

New Print! “Crippling Faith #5″

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the title of this series. It stems from a quote that a heard. I can’t for the life of me remember who said it. It was something like, “Art is like religion. You either believe in it or you don’t.”. It was off-putting and frustrating. My response was to think about my own belief in art. I have often felt like I was “too into” art or that I place too much meaning on it. It is so dear to my heart that I consider it to be my therapy and my form of meditation. So, even though I think the intention of the quote was more about people “getting” the concept of modernism and contemporary aesthetics, I took it to a personal place. Abstract work has always felt self-indulgent and “light” to me. It also feels pure and direct. It is the root of expression. It is something that I do and love regardless of how it is received. Some love it. Some hate it. Some don’t care. It has become a paradox for me because of the mixed feelings that I (& many people) have about it. Does that make sense? I hope so. Anyway, here is the second print in the series (The first three pieces were paintings). I hope you like it. You can buy one HERE.

New Big Butter Record (More on the way.)

New single from Big Butter (my band since the early 80s). Available on vinyl in a few formats (pink one comes with a print!)

We’re working on 4 more singles and an LP that will be released leading up to our 25th anniversary in 2012!

There will be a boxed set with all of the records on pink vinyl with signed & numbered prints. You can pre-order the box HERE.

Listen HERE!

Old “Mutations” Discovered!

These have been sold out for years, or so we thought. Get your hands on a big, beautiful “Mutation On The Bounty” print from the store.

“Voodoo” Big Pollard

These were supposed to be available a few years ago. Call me lazy. They’re done. You can get one HERE if you hurry.